PS: .pdf request.

If you'd like to read the book for wiccans that I mentioned in the last post, give me a star of leave me a comment and I'll post the direct link where I downloaded it in the English version or I could upload daily a chapter for a lighter reading.Love you,F.


I chose to no longer the shadow of my period.

I've always told myself not to be too hard on myself during ovulation. I used to be skinnier with no pain during the PMS, I just had some mood switching syndrome. Now it kills me. And I have to take pills and rest for at least one full day if I want to survive. Sometimes … Leggi tutto I chose to no longer the shadow of my period.


Good morning guys, I am sorry about last night but I was too tired to update with another post. I managed to make myself a bowl of soup, went out and bought some cigarettes because I needed one. If you're interested to know what am I studying and at what point I am with the … Leggi tutto Done!

Almost there.

I haven't finished yet. I've underlined and highlighted the fourty pages of today's chapter. I read interesting things from Dante to Manzoni. Now I'm struggling to finish resuming the chapter. I'm tired. But I know, deep inside, that I'm sick and tired of this awful feeling that constantly drags me down. I know I'm not … Leggi tutto Almost there.