Why can’t I just be happy?

Here we go again, same old story.
I’m so fucking tired of this shit. All things come to an end and that time is “today”.
Clearly the weather outside is not helping because it’s windy and it’s al fucking grey.
I mean it. Not even a sunray. Awful.
I guess that since the weather is not helping and I’m blue I’ve come to this stage of “blue-spissed off kind of mood”.
Yup, not good at all.
For this reason I set up my goal for today and I scheduled my workout routine, took a cup of coffee and tre heart shaped cookies to help me cope with all this.
But guess what? I’m not the only one. Even my sister’s flatmate E. is moody and we decided to go out for a walk after dinner.
Even D. noticed that my “new scheduled routine” wasn’t working as I would and he did a pep talk to me this morning. It has been helpful.
Any advice? I’ll accept everything.
Oh, I forgot to tell you that I bought a present for Camilla that I don’t like anymore so tomorroy I’ll have to go and get her something else.
I just need to think about what she likes.
Omg It has never been this hard for me to get a present.
I’m no really in the mood for anything. What a hell of a mess.
BTW at least the coffee I made earlier and that I’m actually having right now is “good” which means that I didn’t burn it again.
Good Coffee = Check.

I’m gonna leave you rn because my workout routine is calling for me…
Let’s do this.

Love you all, as always, love and light to all of you.



New Year, same old life.

I can finally say that I am back home but it took me so long to finally feel the sheets of the bed upon my sking.
I mean I took a train at 12AM and I got home at 2AM of the day after!
I had to wait for another train and chill – because I was very tired and I wanted to go home –  and I managed to take another train that finally took me home.
I took a shower and had dinner with my sister who cooked while I was showering a bunch of ravioli and then we went to bed.
I woke up early because I was feeling too much warm and I needed to finish the 10th chapter of my scheduled program.
So I went to the bathroom, washed my face and then went to the kitchen and made some coffee.

By the way… what can I say about the whole month I spent with my fabulous family?
Not that  much. My mom doesn’t feel good, my dad wants to retire and they basically want that we – meant as me & my sis – find a new house and be happy.
That’s kind of an hard goal to me.
I went to Madrid, Spain from 4-8 Dec with my friends.
I want to come back and I also figured out how much I love travelling.
We are scheduling another travel to Bronte, this summer and London in October so I need to work and save save saaave money!
I also bought a Pearl Jam ticket for their 2018 Tour and I am so fucking excited!!!!
As this was enough I went to Reggio Calabria to a “friend” of mine and I visited Scilla, even if it was pouring rain as hell and the weather was windy.
I had a lot of fun and I felt home, finally, after so much time… lovely.
Thanks Dodo, you made my New Year Resolutions easier to accept and to list and you gave me hope. Thanks.
Thanks to Dodo I deleted a few people I didn’t need in my life on various Social and I strangely feel better now. I feel less on the spot.
I also spent the WHOLE night out with my beloved A. and we had so much fun!
We danced to the rhytm of Britney Spears’s songs and we laughed until the very end of the night when one of our friend hurted himself by falling from where he was seated, because he was very drunk and we had to rush to the hospital.
We were terribly scared but NOW he’s good and he has been released from the Hospital just few hours before my departure.
We’re all fine.

My resolutions are:
1) Love myself, first.
2) Quit smoking;
3) Do more sport. Basically: swimming or running + step every single day to keep in shape;
4) Talk more about my feelings with the people I love;
5) Focus on the important things such as the exams and my personal life;
6) Stay positive and smile more;
7) Start a diet(on monday);
8) Be grateful for having my tiny shitty work that allows me to buy lipsticks and save money for the time when I will be too weak to walk but mostly: save to travel more.
9) Lose 10kg to reach my ideal weight.

I guess that’s all, right?
We’ll see!
I’m gonna start the day following the alarms I scheduled, 3 hrs of study, 3 working and 1 of stepper. Seems good, uh?

Love you all and thank You for bringing light in my life again.

OH, I forgot to tell that Me&Dodo are trying to figure out our lives and we’re experimenting few things…  I’ll keep you posted.

Again: have a nice day and smile.


When does actually comes the time where you get sick of dumb boys?

I’ve been asking this actual question myself  for a long time.
When comes the time where fuckboys get sick of fucking all around with every woman on the planet Earth and get a real life with a real woman?
I mean, it’s just matter of time and we all know that “that time” is not usually at Xmas.
How many of you found out that the guy they were with was just fooling yourself?
How many of you wanted to close his head between two giant rocks?
Me. ME. and guess who? ME.
But unfortunately for him my mind is now stronger then when I was 12 so I put myself together and told him to fuck off.
It’s Xmas Time so why don’t we just tell everyone who tries to ruin our Xmas with silly talks and stupid presents to gently fuck off?

Enjoy your fucking Xmas holidays and smile through all the day because a day without a smile is a lost day.

Have fun. Smile. Be happy and share your happiness.
Love you all,

Chapter 5

This morning I woke up late and found out that it was heavily raining and I had to bring in all the clothes I hanged outside yesterday afternoon.
I also woke up late because yesterday I had a busy day from cleaning to studying and helping my mom with basically everything.
I achieved to summarize completely my daily chapter and I’m about to start a new one! Today’s task: 40 pages total+summarizing.
Deadline: 20 Dec 2017.
I can do it! Back to work!
Need to focus mostly because I finally found out what was making me nervous and now I’m ready to start the day with a completely different mood.
I realised what the problem was and who was creating it and took the problem and the “being” and I threw them away.
Yes, behind my back.
I’m no one’s second choice.
Mind that.

Lots of love and light my stars,

Memories – Back Home

I’m back!
The whole trip was amazing.
Amazing places, food and people!
I wish I was there… I left a little piece of my heart there… in Puerta del Sol y en la Gran Vìa!

I was thinking about posting some photos of the city but it will take time because A. has all the photos.
What an amazing place. I’m so happy!!!! ❤

Now it’s the time to focus on the exams and maybe on another trip?
Who knows…

Lots of love and light,


Raining Thoughts

It has been raining since yesterday. I’mgetting used to it but I’m starting to think it’ll be raining for days and it could become heavier and the flight… no way. It’ll stop.
I’ve almost finished the Chapter – I need to do 10 more lines – and while thinking I’m sipping a huge cup of milk and coffee.
What have you been up to?

Hope you’re having a good time.
May the force be with you.



Today is the 3rd day I sleep at my parent’s house.
They were happy to see me. At the moment I’m typing from my old PC because I left my laptop at my sister’s house, in case when I return back home in Pisa I’ll need it.
Anyway… I’m having trouble sleeping because of the continuous arguing between my flatmates and I, and it’s making me anxious. The problem is the partition of the bill’s payment because one of them doesn’t want to pay her part because she said that she wasn’t home during that period. That’s the main reason of the argument.
She can’t do that. It’s written in the 1st and 14th paragraph that the bill HAVE TO BE PAID BY ALL THE FLATMATES IN EQUAL PARTS.
It’s the same old story, which is starting to piss me off. By any means.
I’ve also decided to go away from that house because I want to live an happy life and be able to come back home and find myself in a relaxed ambient, which in this case is my room.
I also lose 1kg just breathing and tomorrow I’m almost ready to leave home and take the flight which will take about three hours to land in Madrid.
There I’ll meet M. which is my favourite human right now, apart from A. that will be with me during the whole trip.
I can’t wait to eat Paella and Tapas/Tacos because I heard that they are delicious.
I also need a break. And I need to talk to the owner of the house.

That’s all for now: I’ll go pack some things I left outside my room and then I’ll go study just a tiny bit, because I need to finish typing the Chapter about Interlinguistics.

I wish you all a good afternoon, love and light.

See you in 5 days.